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Venting Versus Praying in Trials

Trials on a Tuesday is a weekly series that focuses on a topic relating to trials, and how we can glorify God in the midst of hard times.
Trials on a Tuesday is a weekly series that focuses on a topic relating to trials, and how we can glorify God in the midst of hard times.

Last week, I brought up “walking in silence“. It is not a 24/7 scenario. Truth be told, it is actually easier and more comfortable for me to stay silence (excluding certain situations – it kinda depends on who I am around).

What about you? Silent type about your trial (I have to tie in “Trials” somehow), or loud about your struggles?

I think one of the greatest hurdles is this:

Speaking up when we shouldn’t and… Staying quiet when we really need to speak and invite our community into knowing the burdens we face.

Not an expert on the subject, just a fellow human being who faces adversity – just like you. This blog is the place, where my struggles and victories are given a voice. A comfortable voice. This is my safe place to share.

I am one of those people who will not speak up in a large group Bible study. It has taken a few years, before I am finally getting a bit more comfortable in opening my mouth. I am more of a writer, than a speaker. To anyone. I say that to say, God still works miracles in teaching us when and how to speak… in any circumstances… on any topic.

When I began this series, it was focused solely on sharing trials and learning how we can overcoming a complaining spirit. Some rabbit trails along the way. I think learning when to speak and sometimes walking in silence to the world, but sharing with Jesus – is a key part of overcoming a complaining spirit.

Three components:

  • When to speak
  • When to walk silently to others
  • Walking and confiding in Jesus every step of the way.

Which component is lacking in your daily life? Mine lack all three, honestly. But, God still works miracles, remember?

Every word our spirit breathes, Jesus seeks to hear.

Here’s my problem:

At times, depending on your status in my little trust circle, I like to vent. A lot. I can tell you my story repeatedly, like the more I talk about it – the more likely it is to vanish. I read something (Matthew 6:7-8) this week, that caught my attention.

The hypocrites described in Matthew 6… They prayed the same prayer repeatedly, in hopes God would hear them.

Dear reader, God hears you where you are. Let that be enough for you. People may miss it when you share your trial in a still small voice, but trust and know God hears and cares for you. He is waiting for you to invite Him in, through your prayers with Him.

We can live and walk differently, based on that knowledge.

God sees you. God cares for you. God loves you. God wants us to come to Him in prayer, just sharing what is on our heart.

This is my great lesson – praying triumphs everything else we could be doing to overcome our trials. Prayer is the antidote to overcoming my complaining spirit.

More on “Walking in Silence” tomorrow. Stay tuned!

This song has been stuck in my head for a few days, but talks about how God knows what we face, on an intimate level. Give it a listen…


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