September Goals

Here are some things I’d like to accomplish this month… Some may be missed goals, others just might be accomplished on some level. In each thing, it is about God meeting me where I am. Whether it be physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. The truth is God meets us and loves us, even when we get frustrated due to missed goals. To quote Lysa Terkeurst,

“God is okay with me even when I’m not okay with me. (And that’s a beautiful truth!)”


  • Make prayer a priority.
  • In order to keep that goal active, I need to get up early during weekdays for my quiet time. On the days when that seems impossible, I want to try and devote the “firstfruits” of my day – to getting to know God, by spending time with Him.
  • Join in a couple specific women’s Bible studies.
  • Keep journaling, as I get into the Word. (Remember, writing is part of the process to learn and grow.)
  • Exercise an average of a hour per week.

Learn: Today, I discovered a new Bible study method that helps me understand (a little bit) about the significance of a quiet time with Jesus. I want to just spend this month, practicing asking these questions. I want it to reshape my perspective about my quiet time, so I can get more out of this sacred time with Jesus and His Word.

Read: Currently, I have s e v e r a l books I have committed to reviewing. This month, they are somewhere at the top of my reading list.

In the Bible…

  • The first part of the book of Genesis
  • Begin reading Galatians

Books. Okay here are the books I am anticipating diving into at some point this month.

Week 1

  • Modesty: More Than a Change of Clothes (Martha Peace and Kent Keller)

Week 2

  • Fervent: A Women’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer (Priscilla Shirer)

Week 3

  • God’s Beloved Daughters: Daily Discovering the Blessings (Merrilynn Grodecki)

Week 4

  • Messy Grace: How a Pastor with Gay Parents Learned to Love Others Without Sacrificing Conviction (Caleb Kaltenbach)

Week 5

  • Invisible (Jennifer Rothschild)

Be: Aware. This month, I need to be aware of the various things that compete for my attention.





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