What Keeps You Up At Night? (A BookLook Review)

What Keeps You Up At NightWhat Keeps You Up At Night is the newest book by Pete Wilson. In his book, he aims to use these twelve chapters to help us overcome things that are interfering with our God-given destiny. God has specific places He wants us to go, but we need to rearrange and let go of some things first.

In his book, Wilson writes:

“Sometimes, trusting God means accepting that our
paths must diverge from the people, places, and things
that have become familiar to us. As we are willing to let go
and continue trusting, we are enabled to continue our journey
toward all that God wants us to be.”

These things, that keep us awake at night, need to be let go. I understand it is a gradual process. Likely for you, as it is for me. While God can use them, we need to move onto where He is leading us. Like the Israelites, we have moments in the wilderness where we long for the journey that has placed… instead of moving onto where God is leading us.

My Thoughts on “What Keeps You Up At Night?”

This isn’t a book I rush into reading and completing. Honestly I had a rough time remaining engaged in it, but I don’t think it is supposed to be that kind of book. This book addresses something real – very real. Fear and other obstacles that keep us from doing what we were created to do. Lysa Terkeurst refers to that, as the “soul-thing” in The Best Yes.

When it comes to dealing with fear, we can expect to feel uncomfortable. It is not about the uncomfortability, but the process God wants to take us through. That process requires us to step into the hard places, and remove the blockages from the road.

What I appreciate most is the book’s focus. It is about our relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s about our journey with Him. He is greater than the obstacles we face, and these things don’t have to keep us up at night. We can take Him at His Word, and trust Him wholly. When we do, we have a beautiful journey waiting for us.


I would recommend this book to others. God can use this book, and its lessons, to teach many important truths that may even go beyond the dreams we have been given. God can use this book greatly in our lives, to deepen our relationship with Him. We all have obstacles in our lives, that prevent us from hearing His voice or walking in His path. Wilson teaches us key concepts, but He also includes reflection questions and a specific way to put into practice what we are learning in each chapter. These extras help us to get the most out of the lessons taught.

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