Single Living: Rachel’s Wandering Thoughts

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Rachel came… Jacob saw Rachel…She ran and told her father about Jacob. As soon as Laban heard, he hurried to meet him…Rachel, Laban’s younger daughter, is whom Jacob would work seven years for (see Genesis 29:9-13,18).

Jacob’s Commitment

Jacob made a heavy commitment. To work, for Laban, for seven years. That’s how long it would be between knowing Jacob is the one and becoming his wife. Quite a long time. While Scripture says they seemed like “a few days to him”, I wonder how Rachel felt during those seven years (roughly 2,500 days). Being a young woman, they likely didn’t feel as quick or “easy”.

Rachel’s Concern and Questions

Did she have moments where she felt like a burden to her soon-to-be husband, knowing how hard he must work in order for her to be called his wife? While he felt relief to find her, did she stay on the same course… or wonder what would happen at the end of those seven years? (Remember Laban tricked Jacob, giving Leah as his wife first – before Rachel… without Jacob’s agreeing – see Genesis 29:23-25 for a refresher).

As Rachel waited during the seven years, she would experience questions and emotions. She would experience grief, longing, and a weighed down heart of cares, and other things that made it hard to just get through those seven years… She had to just trust God, and take it one day at a time. Especially in the moments when her thoughts wandered to other places.

Making Choices

Rachel would have to choose, just as we often do. Will we extend grace to ourselves or guilt? Will we entertain our emotions or trust God? When we feel as though we are a burden or not worth waiting for, what will we choose to do with those thoughts?

(1) Are they true? We need to line it up with the truth of God’s Word and our circumstances. Our emotions and thoughts are no exception. They can send us on a wild goose chase, if we are not armed with the Word of God and prayer.

(2) What weapons are we using? We need to arm ourselves, living out 2 Corinthians 10:5, and make sure our thoughts obey Christ. It gives God the glory He deserves, and we get to experience the victory He gives.

See 2 Corinthians 10:3-5; Ephesians 6:11-18


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