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Five-Minute-Friday-4-300x300Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Minute Friday! This week’s theme is “here”. To learn more about Five Minute Friday, please visit Kate’s blog for more details…

Presently, I sit. . . Where exactly? The circumstance involves, sitting on a mattress on the living room floor propped up by blankets and pillows. Plagued by low blood pressure I am expected to wait out (which honestly I am more than fine with. My home is more comfortable than a hospital by far!) This form of tiredness plagued by my body is not only unique, it is also unsound. “Here”. This is where I am.

By the grace of God, I have developed contentment in this. Not always. But, overall the contentment is pretty solid…So, my spirit can focus on other areas that need “attention”.

Is there anxiety in facing my days? Of course. Some, more than others. Some, not as many as others. When it first came, what got me was the fear.

Then as the days progressed, it really taught me trust. Trusting Jesus.

That is what this summer has been about, as I faced many unwell health days – trusting Jesus, focusing on my relationship with Him – just that, not “being a Martha”.

I don’t know how many times God told someone “I am here” in the Bible, but I am sure it is an awful lot. The truth is, He is our ever-present Comfort. He loves us no matter where we are or what we are going through…

While this is true, He is present with us in all circumstances….

I wonder how many times His Holy Spirit begins whispering to us: “Come here”… Right in the middle of our storm. Right when we are going through it.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Here

  1. Visiting from FMF! So sorry about your health troubles, but love that you recognize where you are and how God is with you there. I’ve been dealing with my mental health for the past year, and am truly starting to see him more as a comforter through it all- even when I’m not feeling it in the moment. Check out the song He is With You by Mandisa if you haven’t heard it before- it’s a great reminder how god is here, in the midst of our circumstances.
    Thank you for sharing, and I pray you get well as soon as possible. xoxo

  2. I’m sorry for the struggles you’re experiencing, but I thank you for sharing your perspective of peace and contentment – found in the One who is always with you, wherever your “here” happens to be.

  3. God comforts me with a peace that only He can give. I will pray for your issues and applaud your never wavering away from Him in hard times. You’re an inspiration to many of us. God bless you.

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