Month: August 2015

  • September Goals

    Here are some things I’d like to accomplish this month… Some may be missed goals, others just might be accomplished on some level. In each thing, it is about God meeting me where I am. Whether it be physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. The truth is God meets us and loves us, even when we get frustrated […]


  • Psalms 119:33-37

    In this part of David’s prayer, he is asking God for a lot of things. Okay, it just appears that way. Really, David asks one thing: to be taught and led by God, rather than the things of this world. As we walk this earth as foreigners, there are a lot of things that can catch […]

  • Five Minute Friday – Alone

    Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Minute Friday! This week’s theme is “alone”. To learn more about Five Minute Friday, please visit Kate’s blog for more details… Each week, a community of bloggers come together with the common goal is to spend five unedited minutes to write on a topic. Alone, to be by oneself. […]

  • I Will Praise You in the Storm (A BookLook Review)

    I Will Praise You in the Storm is the memoir of a family who has endured illness and grief when their loved ones, Stephen and Holly, no longer call earth their home. Stephen and Holly, both, struggled with familial intrahepatic cholestatic, a rare form of chronic active hepatitis. While in the book, he shares what his […]

  • Psalm 119:28-32

     This is one of those prayers I should have ingrained into my spirit. Praying the psalms is a good, disciplined practice… and, let’s face it, we are all going through something. We live in a sorrow-filled world, where tragedies happen far too often… and our prayer lives are far too thin. God is the One to […]