Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 232

Day 232 – Luke 19:11-27; Titus 2:1-10; Prov. 15:1-17; Esther 1

Luke: In this parable, the master called ten servants – giving them ten minas (equivalent of 3 months wages). His instructions, for them, were to put the money to work. Invest it. While some did, one did nothing with it – not even putting it in the bank.

Application: What are we doing with the free gifts we have been given by our Savior? Starting with the gift of grace, have we recognized our need for Jesus as our Lord and Savior? When we come to Him, He gives us specific gifts and He wants us to use them: What are we investing ourselves in? What about the gifts – the talents He has given us?

Titus: Paul hands Titus specific instructions. Always set an example. Teach the men to be self controlled – always. Teach the women how to behave, as one who loves the Lord should. Each aspect of teaching has a purpose: to give God glory. When we behave as one who loves the Lord, others cannot speak evil of the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the One in whom we are saved! Clarke says it this way:

“The people must not only be well instructed, but they must be holy in their lives. Principle and practice must go hand in hand.” We must be people – who not only preach the Word, but diligently live it out daily in our own lives.

Application: Which characteristic mentioned in the Titus passage, do you struggle to live out in your daily life?

Proverbs: We need to become people who will accept correction from the Lord. God’s Word teaches us how to have good lives, but the problem is – we refuse God and His Word. We ignore His ways, thinking ours is far before. We are wrong. We need to humbly turn from sin, and turn to God. We need to acknowledge our need for our Creator.

“A sacrifice brought by wicked people is disgusting to the LORD, but the prayers of decent people [who seek after Him and His Word] please him. The way of wicked people is disgusting to the LORD, but he loves those who pursue righteousness.” – Proverbs 15:8-9

Application: Focus on one part of the Proverbs passage from today, meditate on it, and talk it over with the Lord – confessing your sins before Him.

Esther: King Xerxes’ vanity is displayed powerfully in this one chapter. He pours out his selfish need to show others his fancy house and material possessions. It is out of selfish ambition, not to compassionately share the wealth he has been given. In an ordinary relationship, this man’s sin would end in divorce also. Sin destroys relationships – everywhere. For this royal couple, they would not be excluded. His desire to pridefully display his own glory, overshadowed his own respect for the wife he has chosen to love for all of his days.

Application: Do you recognize how your sin affects those you love?