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Practice of Written Scripture

When I was in elementary school, teachers had a tendency of giving students sentences to write. If you did (or didn’t do) x, y, and z, then you got to write 10 sentences (for example) during recess. I was one of those off-balanced children who loved to write sentences. Sentence writing has great purposes, and not solely as a form of punishment when we do (or don’t do) x, y, and z. Even as adults, repetitive sentence writing can help us take messages to heart. Here’s a thought:

What if – we returned back to written sentence repetition? This time for the glory of God! God’s Word is His Word. It is life- changing truth! We need to allow God’s Word to change us from the inside-out!

Here are some questions we can ask ourselves, today:

Is there a particular struggle I am battling?

I have had a long week. Eventually after a long week, with inadequate rest, it takes a toll on the body – physically, spiritually, and mentally/emotionally. So, with overloaded sensation in mind, I have chosen Isaiah 51:12 as my Scripture.

“But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the Lord will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard!” – Isaiah 51:12

What Scriptures relate to your situation? Do you know of any?

♥ If you don’t check the concordance in your Bible (or Bible Hub’s).

♥ Still need help? Turn to your church family (this is why it is called a family – we called to be there for one another), or searching the web for “Bible Scripture on __________”.

→ You can also leave me a comment with your email address, and I will help any way I can. ←

Scriptures can (and should) speak into all of our situations. We need to allow the God who made our hearts, full access to our hearts. This starts, by allowing our hearts access to knowing His Word. Not simply mentally knowing His Word, it’s allowing our hearts to truly know and apply His Word to our lives.

This is where the so much more than sentence writing “plug” comes in. I challenge you to write out the same Scripture four times – ending the time of Scripture writing time with a prayer – giving this over to God. Do this for a week and see what kind of difference, it makes in your life and walk with Jesus Christ!

Now, for the activity portion:

♥ Begin to journal each day on the struggle you face.

You have your’s. I have, mine. We each face a struggle. There is no shame in admitting that. When we come to God through His Son Jesus Christ, we find grace and healing. Our lives are incomplete without both of those things. God wants to continue His good work in our lives. Choosing to commit His Word to our hearts is joining God in what He wants to do in our lives. We need to grant Him full access!

The choose to journal about my struggle is granting Him access, and opens the door to have areas revealed to me and to pray over these things. On journaling: The big aspect is to take note each day, because God will use this time to lead us to Himself and transform us!

♥ Write out the Scripture and reference four times.

♥ After writing out the Scripture and reference four times, spend some time praying to the Lord about this Scripture.

Be honest with God. How does this Scripture make you feel? One thing I wrote out in prayer was concerning my need for God to be my protection. Because God is my Creator, I can be honest with Him. More than honest than I would be with anyone, even myself.

♥ Evaluate your time in Scripture writing.

Is it helping you to take God’s Word to heart more than ever before?
Does it help you meditate on His Word?

♥ Are there new questions you can ask yourselves concerning this Scripture and your life?

After Scripture writing Isaiah 52:12, I want to be able to enter a circumstance, and have a practice of asking myself the following questions:

→ Do you recognize God is going before you?
→ Do you recognize God is going behind you?
→ Are you in a rush out of not recognizing God’s position?
→ Are you recognizing your position, because you are in Christ?

By Gracefully Overcoming

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