The Gift of Prayer

In this world, we will face hurt. We aren’t exempt from hurt or pain, but we are promised a Healer. His name is Jesus, the Christ! And we have a blessed gift that none can take from us, as believers in Christ Jesus: the gift of communicating with God through prayer. Jesus is our mediator and our way to the Father. We can freely go to the Father, bringing our every care to Him. There are many things weighing us down. Where are we turning?

As we call out to God, asking God and sharing with God our sincere hurt that we face in this world, we need to remember some specific truths.

  • Those who have God’s help are called blessed!
    ‘Happy are those who have the God of Jacob to help them and who depend on the LORD their God (Psalm 146:5, GNB).’ 

  • Our hope is in God alone!
    ‘The psalmist encourages us to put confidence in God. We must hope in the providence of God for all we need as to this life, and in the grace of God for that which is to come. The God of heaven became a man that he might become our salvation… He grants deliverance to captives bound in the chains of sin and Satan… (Matthew Henry Concise Commentary)’
  • The Lord lifts us up!
    ‘What a vast company of these human experience has ever furnished! The burden of care, the weight of responsibility, the crushing power of sorrow,—these are ever at work to recruit the ranks of the bowed down. But it is the Lord’s special office—an office to the fulfillment of which not only the psalmist here, but myriads of God’s people in all ages, bear their testimony, to raise up them that be bowed down (Pulpit Commentary).’
  • He watches over us!
    ‘The Lord preserveth the strangers. God’s goodness leads him not only to protect the righteous, but also to lend his special help to the weak and afflicted classes. “The stranger, the fatherless, and the widow” are constantly mentioned in the Old Testament as peculiar objects of the Divine care… He relieveth the fatherless and widow (Pulpit Commentary).’ 
  • He upholds us!
    ‘[H]e relieveth the fatherless and widow; in their distresses and troubles, who have no helper; a wonderful instance of his relieving a widow, in the most disconsolate circumstances, we have in raising the widow of Nain’s son to life, and restoring him to his mother…[He] will and does come and visit them, relieve and supply them with everything convenient for them; though his church here on earth may seem to be as a widow, he being in heaven at the right hand of God, yet he cares for her in the wilderness, and provides for her support, where she is nourished with the word and ordinances, and will be until he comes again… (Gill’s Commentary)’

Finally, as we remember these key truths, cry out to God – knowing that God reigns! He reigns over all things! He is able to handle all things we face in our lives. He is able to handle all hurts we experience in this life. He is able to handle all the injustices. He is able to handle everything. What is stopping us from bringing it to Him in prayer through faith in His Son Jesus Christ?

See Psalm 146:5, 8b-10


One thought on “The Gift of Prayer

  1. There is no greater gift than to pray for someone. I have a dear friend and also my dear brother that both passed away into Heaven this past year. I know with both what was on their mind was God and prayers. Not what they had earned in life or when their next meal was….it was all on God and Heaven. HE gives us sweet peace that only comes from knowing Him. The world has no peace….they think they do and some may call themselves atheists but when you are dying do they broadcast satan…no they reach out for God and His peace. <3

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