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Combating the Lies of SatanCombating the Lies of Satan is by Shirley White. White holds a master’s degree, ministry license, and has been a born-again believer (and student of God’s Word) for over thirty years. She continues to use her insight and experiences with God to write this book.

Summary: In her book, White makes the point that Mordecai’s claim to Esther (4:14) is the same one made to us – we were made for such a time as this: to stand against the lies of society. While society may say something is right, we need to pinpoint it back to God and the Bible – to know the truth if something is right or wrong, true or false. Certain lies are spread like wildfire in our culture, and we need to put them out with the Word of God. We need to return to honoring God with our lives, and this is what White seeks to do through Combating the Lies of Satan.

My Review: This book review presented a problem I don’t think I have had before. I just couldn’t get into the book. There wasn’t an exact reason for it. I struggled to maintain a focus with this book. So to be truthful, it would not be fair to give a positive or negative review. I simply didn’t get far enough in reading this book by Shirley. She expresses a great amount of depth about the truth, to help her readers understand, and puts thought behind the ideas she writes concerning, which is great…. but I cannot, for sure, say it is well-worth the resources (time, money, energy, etc) to read. She does share one truth I want to close with, which is the truth that every lie of Satan has one purpose alone – which is to detour us from ‘the life and plans God has for [us].’

For more on Shirley White, visit her YouTube channel.

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