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6/10/15 – When The World Gets a Glimpse

Yesterday, I got my long awaited blood pressure monitor. It has been on my list of “must have’s” for nearly a year. I finally bit the bullet, so to speak – and spent the money on one that I found on Amazon. I am loving the one I chose (you can see it here).

When I found out what my standing blood pressure was, we shared it on Facebook. A lot of “oh my’s”. Even a “go to the ER” comment. While I have been quite sad and despairing today, what we must realize: this isn’t something new.


This is what life looks like, when one has a form of Dysautonomia and standing significantly lowers their blood pressure. It’s called Neuro – Cardiogenic Syncope.

Wanna know how it feels?

It’s scary.

It’s life-impacting.

It’s annoying.

It’s frustrating.

It’s saddening.

It’s hard.

And, it’s not something I get used to.

Knowing all that…

But, it doesn’t limit what Christ can do through my life. Despite how hopeless my health can make me feel, that much I do know. My health, as broken as it may seem, cannot limit what Christ can do in my life. In fact, my broken health and current concerns may only speed up the work of Christ in the life of others through what I do and say.

While I know these things…

I wish I had people to just rally beside me more often – to check on me, to tell me it will be okay, to see if I need anything, to talk with me. I hate the silence. I hate how alone it makes me feel. I know how hard it is – to not know what to say… People just might not know what to say, but the silence is deafening…

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I’m glad you were able to get a bp cuff, but I’m sorry you need one. I agree about the loneliness; that is one of the hardest things about chronic illness. I will be praying for you tonight.

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