Dearest Child – Romans 14:1-4

Dearest child,

Accept anyone who is weak in their faith. Don’t argue about doubtful issues. One example of this is in food: While one person believers he (or she) may eat anything, one who is weak – eats only vegetables.

In order to build up the entire family – the body of Christ, we must focus on the needs of all those in the family. We can’t focus only on our needs and leave others to fend for themselves.

To the one who eats without restriction, don’t look down on one one who doesn’t eat like you do.

To the one who doesn’t eat a particular thing, don’t criticize one who does eat it – because I have accepted you both. I have chosen you both, to be important parts of my family!

Who are you to criticize My worker? Focus on loving them, like you love me. Each of My creation stand or fall before Me. Because they are Mine, they will stand – I make them stand.

(Romans 14:1-4)

Signed by God
through His Awesome Word