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5.22.15 – While I’m Waiting

A few days ago, I received a little piece of news.

O k a y

A big piece of news.

It’s been a bit more difficult to process than other things have been,
but with a lot of help from God, my Creator, I am on my way to coping with the news.

W h i l e

… I adjust to this new “information”,

this song springs to mind tonight.

While I am waiting and processing my new reality of a health situation, I need to be deliberate in what I am doing in the midst of it. I wanted to share this song with you all. May it encourage you, as much as it has for me. It guides my heart in specific things I need to do, in this season of adjustment.

I need to be:

  1. Worshiping my Creator.
  2. Serving God and others.
  3. Focused on eternity.
  4. Remain confident and steadfast in my walk with Christ.

For me, it points me in the direction I need to head toward. It is easy to enter a standstill period when we receive news that shock us. It is easy to get sidetracked. I am desiring to focus on what is eternally up-building tonight. Each day, this may look a little different.

For tonight.
For now.

It means removing distractions, so I can focus on studying the Word of God. I love to study His Word, but I rarely get to study as much as I would like to. I have several studies I am in the midst of working on, and now’s that time to begin seeking Him in His Word. He knows my struggle right now, and is my ever-present help. He provides the comfort each of us need.

“I’m waiting, I’m waiting on You Lord – And I am hopeful,

I’m waiting on You Lord – Though it is painful,

but patiently I will wait.”


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