Goals for May 5/17-23

Do: This week, I need to:

  • be deliberate in what I do. In the moments of lucidity and less fatigue, I want to be more deliberate in doing my soul-thing. The one thing that brings me the most joy, which, for me, is writing as I study the Word of God. For the past few weeks or month, I have struggled to get in the Word – as I battle harsh fatigue. I want to find a way to just get in the Word of God. To be present in my walk with God through Jesus Christ. I need to be deliberate in doing the thing my soul loves: being with Jesus.
  • wash dishes daily. I would love to stay caught up on dishes. The past few weeks, I have plummeted energy-wise. So, I haven’t been able to be consistent in having a clean kitchen or dining room. It all starts with learning how to keep our sinks from overflowing with dirty dishes. On the bright side, it’s just dishes.

Learn: I need to learn how to rest in new ways. In ways that benefit my soul, instead of merely giving me something to listen to.


  • Spiritually Strong by Kristen Feola , has been the one book I continually say I will accomplish this week. Will I finish reading it this week? Probably not, but I would like to pursue reading a chapter or two of the book this week.
  • In addition to this book, I would like to work on studying 1 Thessalonians, chapter 1. My goal is to have 2 sessions this week – with beginning to work through the 1st chapter.


  • Restful.
  • Prayerful.
  • Intentional.
  • Praiseful.

What does R-PIP look like this week?

  • Be intentional… to listen to praise music, as I rest and work.

Defined: Pip means an excellent thing.
To purposefully leave on praise music, is something excellent. It’s entertainment that will build up my spirit, and allow my spirit to overflow with joy. It draws me to my Creator, and allows me to know Him on a deeper level. Choosing to intentionally leave praise music playing, reaps eternal benefits – as I use it to seek Him.

By Gracefully Overcoming

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