5/4/15 – What Do I Have to Give?

It’s been a rough evening. Ironic, since I was actually better physically during the day. Much I could agonize over. Much I could cry over. Instead, turning my eyes toward my Creator and thankful for the comforts I do. Though I came home feeling unwell and with a sorta heavy-heart, what do I have?

  • I have God’s Word written on my heart.
  • I have a comfortable bed to relax in.
  • I have a working fan by my bed.
  • I have medicine that helps my body. I notice when I have forgotten to take it. The only reason I didn’t forget to take it tonight, was because I felt unwell.
  • I can watch my tv shows on my laptop.
  • I have food to eat.

My list of thankfulness needs to be just as important (if not moreso) than my list of complaints and struggles. While it doesn’t take away my struggles, it adds to my reality… It adds to my life. It reminds me about what I have been given by my Creator… It reminds me of the Hope I have – that won’t be taken away by circumstances. One struggle I have tonight is, the reality that I can’t have a specific time with God. Some have those appointment times with God. My days are….imbalanced, and I am finding that reality difficult to handle tonight. Tomorrow has the potential to be better. My hope still remains in Christ, even when my days are imbalanced. Even though it’s imbalanced by symptoms I can’t control, God still loves me so much that He sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross for me and rose Him on the third day… just so He can be with me. It doesn’t have to “look” a certain way. I may not have much to offer, but He loves and cherishes what I do have to give.


3 thoughts on “5/4/15 – What Do I Have to Give?

  1. Establishing a regular set time with God is probably not easy for many of us. Even without health restrictions I struggle with this. I just have to rest in the assurance that God knows me better than I know myself and He understands. In lieu of a regular set time I just make it a practice to speak to Him during the day at various times. It is more about the sincerity than it is about scheduling.

    1. Thanks, Chuck. I’ve just had a lot of unwell days – and it’s just really getting to me. It’s getting to my spirit. I miss my old quiet times, where I had energy to do a big study. It’s hard, but God will get me through it and show me how to spend time with Him. I just need prayer. The heat is just so bad for me, physically, and it just affects everything else at that point (emotionally, spiritually, etc). Thankfully, I got to read and write some today. I started a Summer electric journal today, and got to read 1st chapter of Acts… Really good to get in the Word some.

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