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5.3.15 – God Suffers, Too

God provides everything we need – the moment we need it. While sharing my heart yesterday, I mentioned the difficulty of the road I was standing on. The heavy weakness upon my body. While there is still there, varying in intensity, God allowed me to come across the most comforting quote.

“I don’t know how He does it, but I know that when I’m sick, God’s sad,
and I know that when I’m miserable, God suffers along with me.
And I know that in all my sickness, He’ll make my bed
because His name is goodness and His name is mercy.”
– The Attributes of God, Volume 1 by A.W. Tozer

Reading this quote blew me away. Just knowing God is suffering along with me. He willingly endured (and continues to endure) my suffering. It’s not a burden I am stuck carrying on my own. My Savior wants to be my ever-present Hope. I am not alone in my struggle. I am not without the ultimate Support whose name is Jesus. While I face not-so-good days, I know this is not the end. I have a Hope that doesn’t end when I have bad days health-wise. God will continue to strength and comfort me, just as much in the bad days as in the good days.

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