Adrenaline at 2 A.M.

The last few nights, I haven’t been getting to sleep until well after midnight. Yesterday, it wasn’t until after 2am. Wanna guess what time it is? It is 2:12 in the morning. Wanna know why I am still up? I go to bed thinking about writing, editing, and the beautiful possibilities in store. Which brings…. adrenaline. Not Audio Adrenaline, just flat out adrenaline.

because we all want mental energy at 2 in the morning.
I actually love adrenaline.
I used to be an adrenaline junkie.
I just don’t love it so much at….ohh, say 2 am.

While new ideas are fantastic, adrenaline isn’t really all that fantastic. Not at 2 am. . . In perfect health I could totally make use of this time. While the melatonin made me tired, I am still awake. Awake and tired. Tired and awake. I make it a point not to edit or work on anything important – writing wise when tired, which is probably why things are left undone.

Today should be interesting.
I have a mental to-do list that’s too long.
But likely, will spend the day… doing what? Sleeping.
Glorious, beautiful sleeping.

And one day, I will get back into a rhythm of being asleep and before midnight. It may not be today or tomorrow, but one day… and very soon. I will. God is my helper, so I need to make this a prayer priority (alongside the new changes in store for Grace Leads). Speaking of praying, I am learning to be more prayerful with this insomnia. Blessing in disguise. I’ll take it. I need to be closer to Jesus. While I don’t love not sleeping, it will be worth it if I am more in tuned with my Creator.


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