“Contagious Disciple Making” Review

Contagious Disciple-MakingI found this book to be very edifying. In this book, David and Paul describe how we can make disciples. In our Christian culture, there are a significant amount of barriers that affect how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is received. Instead of sharing the Gospel of Christ in a way that other cultures can understand, we allow what could be called “Christian-ese” to get in the way. Our Christian culture or what can be called our brand of Christianity (or the way we live out the Scriptures), gets in the way when we place traditions on the same level as the very Word of God.

Though our intent is to share the Gospel of Jesus with others, we can make it overwhelming for us and those we approach. Our culture can make it about religion versus making it about a relationship with Jesus. It’s not that we intend for it to happen, but these are barriers that we need to diligently consider as we seek to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our actions should bring the Gospel to others, so they can fall in love with Jesus – and allow Him to define the culture in which they worship our Savior. They may worship Him differently than we would consider, but it is how they are obeying the Word of God. Though it may be different from us, it is not wrong.

One thing stuck out to me, as I read through this book…

“Part of the job of the cross-cultural witness is to eliminate the cultural aspects of his or her own understanding of doctrine and practice and to help those in the host culture discover biblically acceptable ways of expressing their own love, devotion, and worship… “

We need to go back to what it is about: Sharing Jesus, and allow the other person to discover Him for themselves. He will lead them different, as they seek to follow Him and obey His Word. We can trust, knowing the Holy Spirit will lead them.

I am still working through this book, but I would highly recommend it to others who are interested in cross-cultural ministry. I would advise that it is a book that one would likely read if involved in a ministry-related course at an university. Also I would take into consideration that the level writing is higher, because it is like a book one would read at a ministry-based university course. There was lack of Scriptures in this book, which surprised me… Perhaps there is more toward the end of the book. With that said, I gave it four stars.

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