“I Tried Until I Almost Died” Review

I Tried Until I Almost Died“I Tried Until I Almost Died” is one woman’s story of how God moved her from the stress of set rules and beliefs of how life should flow to where she can truly experience God’s grace and peace at work in her life. She sums up what this memoir is about, when she writes:

“Then God gave me the new mind-set that I could trust in His grace, His unmerited favor, in regard to my schedule and that, in Jesus, I am a success no matter how few or how many items I check off my to-do list on any given day.”

For Sandra, she learned that legalism could never accomplish what she expected it would for her life. It would not make her any more loved by the Father or her household run as smoothly. Everything changed, the moment she stepped into the light of God’s wonderful grace…

We can be consumed with right living, that we ignore the greater need for an inner transformation by the Holy Spirit. The truth is, we all need to be reliant on the grace of God. Jesus came to set us free of all the things that have held us back. Legalism in how we live, is one of those things He came to set us free of. Only for most of us, we don’t realize the bondage we are in. We don’t realize the trap we have fallen into. Living a life filled with anxiety and rules is not God’s best for us. In her book, Sandra desires to share her journey with us: a journey of moving from legalism to the freedom she experienced the moment she realized how big God’s grace truly is.

I absolutely loved what I got to read in this book, and how it is changing my walk with Christ as a result. I am thankful for WaterBrook Press, who provided me with a free copy of this book – in exchange for a honest review.