Gloomy Black Friday

From 11.23.12

Black Friday looked very gloomy, but it is how God brought salvation to all men!

Luke 23.44-24.2
John 19:33-42
Mark 15.33-16.8

I noticed a lot of good things in today’s passages. Some key added insights to what happened on black Friday and the Sunday when He rose again.

Joseph and Nicodemus took Jesus’ body off the cross, wrapped him in linen, and carried him to the tomb. It took boldness for Joseph (a quiet follower of Jesus with political ties) to go before Pilate asking if he could take Jesus’ body. 

A few days later…
The women, prepared spices to prepare Jesus’ body. When they arrived at the tomb, Jesus was not there. When told by the guard that He rose, the guard instructed them to go tell Jesus’ disciples…. But, Peter is mentioned by name. Peter needed to know, and have his faith rebuilt.