Newness of Life

“We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.” – Romans 6:4, ESV

We have to realize that doing life our way – costs. It cost us everything and removed from us – our relationship with our Creator. We need to renounce (lay it down and hand it over to God) our old life, and realize what it cost us. When we realize how much our way of living has cost us, we will want to change. We will seek out a God-honoring way of living. Then, and only then, will we “walk in the newness of life”.

Sin brings death, and breeds destruction.
In God, we can have life.

We either will choose to walk in a new way where Christ is our cornerstone, or we will choose the most destructive path that will leave us in spiritual debt. We must humble ourselves, realize sin costs, and Jesus came to pay the price we could never pay.

All we have to do is come to Him! <3

We must realize how we have sinned against a holy God. We must realize that sin carries a debt we could never pay. We must realize how loving God is, and how He has proved that by coming to die on the cross for us. We must realize the sacrifice made on our behalf.

Jesus came to save us. That is not a truth to take lightly. We have been spared. Instead of righteously judged, we are forgiven and blessed – when we should be cursed. We are blessed with a restored relationship with our Creator. We are blessed to have a Savior who would and did do everything, so we might be reconciled to Him.

From our old life to walking in the newness of life, I feel like there is a deep change that must happen in our spirit. It is realizing how our actions have grieved God and how much He loves us. It is knowing how He takes pleasure in us, and even calls us His children. It should make us want to walk in that new way of life, knowing the abundant gifts God keeps pouring out on us. We have been given so much.

Further reading: Isaiah 53