Annoucement: Starting in March

Starting the beginning of March, I am going to be careful to not exceed one post per a day. I know often, I post much more than that.

I get excited.
I want to instantly share with all of you my friends.

This is going to change beginning this new month (March 2015). I want to continue on with my “Grace” posts that I have begun for the month of February. It is only fair to begin what I started… With that said, new changes are coming up for my blog. I know I post much more than I ought to, but love to write… And often feel like I need to share – in case it helps someone else. Starting March, I am going to be using my passion for writing in a different way. You all will have to wait and see what God decides to do – since this is His space. This is His blog. The gift of writing is something He has gifted me with.

What this doesn’t mean: It doesn’t mean I am going to drop off the planet and stop blogging completely. It is just entering a new writing season, and not overwhelming my readers. So, setting a limit of no more than one post per a day.

Just wanted to give you all a “head’s up”.

Be blessed and keep seeking God’s face – daily!
– Gracefully Overcoming


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