Temptations of Jesus

The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness. It wasn’t something he thought of doing himself. The Spirit compelled him to go into the wilderness. To me, this speaks about how the Holy Spirit will lead us to do things that we, ordinarily, wouldn’t do. This would be a time of great testing for Jesus, but he wouldn’t go through it on his own. The Father had equipped His Son, and the result of his testingĀ would show this.

Temptation #1: Food

While Jesus was fasting (for 40 days/nights), the Devil (also called “tempter”) came. The Devil wanted Jesus “to prove He was the Son of God”. Jesus did not have to prove his identity. The Devil was nothing worth rushing God’s timing. Jesus used his Sword (the Word of God), and fought back. We can’t only feed our physical beings. We need to also feed our spirits. Our spirits need to be fed. When they aren’t fed, temptations are harder to fight through.

Temptation #2: Great Display

In this temptation, the Devil tried to convince Jesus to throw himself down from the highest place of the temple. The Devil even tried to use the Word of God to justify his request. Do you see the value of knowing what the Word of God says? Not only part of the Word of God, we need to take God at His Word entirely. We need to see what the Bible has to teach us. Jesus knew that there was more than the Scriptures the tempter mentioned. “You must not test the Lord your God.”

Temptation #3: Fame

Devil wanted Jesus to worship him. He claimed that if Jesus would bow down and worship him, he would give him all the kingdoms. Here’s the problem: the Devil tries to promise things that he cannot deliver. Jesus knew what God said in His Word. “You shall worship he Lord your God and him only shall you serve.”

After three temptations, the Devil fled. The Devil will flee when we resist his temptations. When we stay faithful to God, He will provide a way out. This is what God teaches us in the Scriptures. Just as angels ministered to Jesus, we can expect God to bring ministers to us after we are tempted.

By Gracefully Overcoming

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