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Review: Pillsbury’s Funfetti Cookies

funfetti cookies Pillsbury’s Gluten Free Funfetti Cookies

My Verdict: I didn’t *love* them. I thought I would. I planned on it. But truthfully, I just didn’t. It’s not that they were “bad”. I just didn’t enjoy them as much as I have other brands of gluten free sugar cookies.

The Bad: While this box of mix is such an accomplishment for the world of gluten free goodies, there are some concerns to consider with the “Funfetti Cookies”.

  1. According to the box, it makes up to three dozen cookies. For normal sized cookies, I believe I only got about 1.5 dozen. Even if I hadn’t burnt them and they were shaped as the same size (reasonably sized), I doubt I could gotten more than 2 dozen cookies out of the box…
  2. I found the cookie dough I ended up with, to be extremely crumbly – making it hard to use to form dough. It may have been something I did wrong or not as well as I could have, but that was what I found to be a struggle in using the “dough” (it didn’t actually resemble dough for the most part, but some grace is being given since I don’t always follow directions to a “T”.

The good: It’s cheap. Mine came up as under 3 bucks at Walmart. It’s decent. Like I said, I thought another brand was better. But if 3 dollars (or 2.98) is the regular price, this is the brand I will be getting for when I need a “sugar cookie” fix. The price is unbeatable.

All in all and considering the mix was under 3 dollars, it earns about a “B -” on the grading scale.

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