Allegiance to God Alone

Read Deuteronomy 13

Allegiance: “devoted or loyalty to one particular thing”. Do we hold to allegiance to God? Set apart God and our time with Him? God is different. He is holy! God desires for us to be committed to Him alone.

Since it’s definition is loyalty to God alone, is allegiance one of the words that truly reflect our walk with God through His Son Jesus Christ? With no hesitation, I know He has been devoted to me. But, am I doing the same? What am I devoting myself to, and what needs to change?

Deuteronomy 13 talks about the seriousness of being led away from God. It breaks the Father’s heart. If something is leading me away from the Lord, His Presence, or my intimacy with Him, it must be purged from my midst.

When Another…: If others seek to entice us to follow after other things versus God, we are given instructions. We need to look at these instructions in light of God’s grace displayed through His Son Jesus Christ. In its essence, it backs up: “Bad company corrupts good character”. People, who lead us astray in our walk with God – aren’t going to make the best “seeking God alone” partners. They will led us astray. Heed to the words:

“Do not yield to them, listen, show them no pity, or spare/shield
them from their action’s consequences.”

In the times we have done this ourselves, we need to heed God’s warning, repent of our wrongdoing (sin), and seek God. God is faithful, just, and wants to help us. We wants us to seek Him! All we need to do is, “come”. Things that distract us – must be dealt with. We can’t pretend they will go away on their own. “Destroy it completely” – leave no particle of that thing that disrupts your walk with our Creator.

When we turn from those people with that kind of thoughts, we are blessed. Here is what will happen:

  • God will turn from His righteous, fierce anger.
  • He will show you mercy.
  • He will have compassion on you.
  • He will increase your numbers – the promise to grow God’s people (13:17).

Why the promise in 13:17 for prosperity? “Because you obey the Lord your God, keeping all His commands that I am giving you today and doing what is right in His eyes.”

See Hebrews 12:1