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Lent: Letting Everything Necessary… Transform

Lent: What if we saw it as something different? What if we saw the potential to intentionally pursue a greater intimacy with Christ alongside our brothers and sisters in Him? What if we looked past the religiosity and denominational walls, and saw it for what it could be? The decision to give up something for a season needs to be a very personal decision. It is between ourselves and the God of the Universe. It must be for Him. If you have checked your heart and feel led to participate in any way, follow His leading. You need to be obedient to Him, not looking to what others are doing. Some of it may be out of legalism, and other – because people they know are giving up something. Check your heart first!

Still reading? Here is my acronym for “Lent”.
Letting Everything Necessary… Transform 

How many unnecessary things clog up our lives and more importantly – our walk with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior? Much of what we consider a “need” – very well may not be a need. God can (and wants to) show us a better way for living life. God wants to bless us. One of those ways is trading in our desires for His much better desires for us.

Be in prayer.
Stay tuned, for more on my thoughts concerning Lent.


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