Lent: Letting Everything Necessary… Transform

Lent: What if we saw it as something different? What if we saw the potential to intentionally pursue a greater intimacy with Christ alongside our brothers and sisters in Him? What if we looked past the religiosity and denominational walls, and saw it for what it could be? The decision to give up something for a season needsContinue reading “Lent: Letting Everything Necessary… Transform”


Freedoms Examined

In twelve hours, my five day stay away from certain “freedoms” (social media and watching TV) will be up. What, if anything, have I learned? Hindrances There are many hindrances in my life, that distract and lead me away from the One who created and sustains me. Idols Things can easily become idols that areContinue reading “Freedoms Examined”

Journal: He Will Not Let You Fall

Even on the difficult days, we can have such assurance. He will not allow our foot to slip. He is our Protector. He is good. Though we may find ourselves in less than appealing circumstances, we can trust that God is our ultimate Protector. As we face troubles, remind yourself of this important truth. “HeContinue reading “Journal: He Will Not Let You Fall”