The Unveiled Wife

unveiled wifeAbout 24 hours ago, I received an email concerning a review book that I had awaited the chance to read. It was finally here!

The Unveiled Wife is by Jennifer Smith, who hosts a blog of the same title. Jennifer is a gifted writer. I loved every bit of The Unveiled Wife, and could not put it down. It was thought-provoking. While that, it was also real about the struggles married couples can have. Jennifer reveals hers and her husband’s testimony of their marriage, faith in God and each other, struggle, restoration, and testimony. There were many ups and downs that faced them as a couple, but God worked behind the scenes each step of the way. Her story brightens the darkness that many marriages are engulfed in, and shares the message of hope that “you are not alone”. God is present in our circumstances. Though your struggle may be unique, you are not alone. You and your set of circumstances are not beyond the grasp of the Lord God Almighty!

In the last chapter, Jennifer shares her struggle and hope for this book:

“Despite my feelings, God pursued me, asking me to give an account of everything my husband and I had experienced in those first few years and the revelations He has revealed to me along the way. My prayer is that all who read our story will hear echoes of the Kingdom of God.”

I believe reading their story did just that. For me personally, I know God spoke through their sharing their story and struggles they faced in their first four years of marriage. The book touched on issues that I did not realize were a big deal, only to realize they are a big deal (depression, anxiety, and fears to name a few). God is working on me, my character, and drawing me into deeper intimacy with Him – just as He created me to do. My response needs to be “unveiled”, to be one willing to share her struggles and victories through God with others. He will use it all for His glory!

I would recommend this book to individuals married or single. It is a testimony of the power of God, and what happens when we surrender our all to Him.

In exchange for a honest review, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


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