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John 4:24 – What is True Worship?

“God is spirit, and those who worship him
must worship in spirit and truth.” – John 4:24

What is true worship? My spirit needs to connect with the Spirit of God. Worship cannot be about routines, prayer lists, or even traditions. No matter how “good” those things might be. My spirit needs to intersect with the Spirit of God – who is the Holy of Holies. True worship is found in seeking truth and God’s Spirit.

God is not found in a distinct place as He was in the Old Testament – where they had to go to the tabernacle to meet with the priest to bring a sacrifice for their sins. Jesus came to give us a better, freer way. Sent by the Father, we can meet with God. How are we going about our worship time? Is it our seeking to connect with God and His Spirit? The Scripture is clear: It has always been about His Spirit. It has never been about the mundane that I have settled for in my Christian life.

The Reformation Study Bible reminds us that the “prominent marks of the age of the Spirit are the removal of the barrier between Jews and Gentiles, and the ability of Christians to worship without the need for a temple of any kind.” We can worship God from the privacy of our own home – tucked away in a quiet corner, a loud Subway station, or at a “house church” to do Bible study with friends. There is no set way to worship God as far as tasks go. It is us coming to Him. We need Him. We need to be with Him. We need to devote time to worship Him. We need to allow ourselves to enter a place where our spirits will encounter the God of the Universe. We need to pay attention to His Spirit, where He is moving toward, and learn to hear His small but powerful voice – and choose to walk in obedience.

It all begins with our worship. How will we worship the God of the Universe? How can we focus on the One thing that is needed? Focus on His Spirit. Meet with His Spirit. Allow your life to more than intersect with God. Make it a point to join Him, and allow that to be your constant.

“God and humanity find their true union in Jesus,
who is the Truth (see John 14:6).” – Ashbury Commentary


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