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Do It Again (Matthew 3:1-12)

John the Baptist was chosen by God. That was his identity. In whom his hope was found. Matthew 3 begins with John the Baptist stepping into the role that God called him to. There are many questions we could pose regarding John the Baptist. One such question would be: Did John the Baptist take his own time in the wilderness prior to the beginning of his ministry, just as Jesus the Christ did? John was born to Elizabeth and Zechariah. He came only as a result of God’s work! God provided John to Elizabeth and Zechariah, and God would greatly use John the Baptist.

If John was viewed as ordinary or even defined as an outcast by others, it didn’t matter – because he was far from ordinary. John was chosen by God. God had a plan for him before he was brought into this world. Even he was even born, the Holy Spirit dwelt in him. John was not ordinary. John remained steadfast in pursuing the calling God placed on his life. We see this play out in Matthew 3. Through John’s God-given ministry, the people would be prepared for Jesus’ coming – they would repent and be saved! John was God’s mouthpiece (as He prepared the people for Jesus’ ministry and being their Messiah), that the people needed to turn from their wicked ways- and turn to God! His clothing would have played an important role in the people accepting his message, as this was the same outfit Elijah would have wore. People began coming from Jerusalem, Judea, and Jordan, confessing their sins, and being baptized by John.

This is huge!
People’s hearts are turning back to God.
Lives are being radically changed!

Their lives are revealing their heart change, by producing spiritual fruit. This is what led John to speak (see Matthew 3:7-10) to the “religious” of that day. They needed to repent and turn to God. John’s warning was God would raise up children of Abraham from the Gentiles… and God did! Romans 11:11 explains it like this: “Did God’s people stumble and fall beyond recovery? Of course not! They were disobedient, so God made salvation available to the Gentiles. But God wanted Israel to seek Him – so they can have it too!”

Lord, do it again! Let us see a revival of this magnitude. People came from different places, craving Your Word. Help us to use our spiritual gifts to their fullest, so we can see this happen. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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