Questions Linger in the Air

A couple weeks ago, I went into a kidney specialists – expecting answers. Only to be instructed to: come back in a few months. We will “keep an eye on things”, they say. Doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence, maybe because I (like most) am a fan of instant answers… Answers aren’t always instant though, are theu? Here I am. Waiting. Aware today that I am waiting. I had forgotten. I was able to move on with my life, without that reminder of “what if’s” as the next few months of waiting happen…  The good news is: I can wake up tomorrow and perhaps not even remember I am in a season of waiting (for tests and other things). In the meantime, I can resume living life… and seeking how to live a much more Spirit – filled life. I want to make it a lifestyle of being led by the Spirit in my daily life.

For me, that beginning of this beautiful new life basking in my Creator is spending more time here…. Just writing out my thoughts, processing them, and seeking God in my quiet corner.

Happy Friday, friends!


Gracefully Overcoming

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