Endurance #2 – Intentionality

Posted on January 12, 2015

It isn’t solely the act of enduring I am actively pursuing. It is also the attitude. When we go throughout our days, do we maintain an attitude of love? This is to be an important aspect of an enduring spirit. We don’t just take things as they come, but we also are intentional. What are we intentional about? Anything? Even if we had no struggle as an obstacle, we need need to be intentional about the lives we lead. We must be intentional. Some questions to ask ourselves as we reflect on our lives:

  • What am I honestly being intentional about today? Anything? If you are like me, you are intentional about resting, not overdoing it, and sending up small but genuine prayers to God through Christ as our Mediator.
  • What do I desire to be intentional about? God will give us desires and we need to be intentional about seeking God’s face. Two areas He has given me desires that I have to be intentional about:
    1. Being saturated in His Word.
    2. Intentional in relationships whether it is reaching out through friends, praying for others, or continuing on the path He has me on in terms of my “single” status. Doing thing His way, so others (and myself) can be blessed. One Scripture God has used greatly is Romans 14:23. “If we are convicted about something and we do it anyway, it’s sin.”

Does that mean our lives will resemble others? Of course not! If we are pursuing an enduring spirit and quality about our lives, we need to be intentional. Intent on keeping God first, seeking an attitude of love, and really it boils down to one thing: Coming to Jesus. It doesn’t mean keeping a list or following a specific route of handling circumstances – other than coming to Jesus. God will be our strength and peace in it all.