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12/28/15 – Cold Weather

Posted on December 28, 2014

I hate cold mornings. It’s not that I don’t enjoy mornings. It’s the cold temperature I don’t like so much. You see when I get cold, it takes either a hot bath or lots of times under the covers to finally warm up. I don’t warm up easily… It’s part of my autonomic nervous system’s break down. How do I put this most simply? The autonomic nervous system takes care of the involuntary things we can’t control – even regulating our temperature. Using jackets, etc, most people can probably find a way to deal with cold weather without feeling like they are dying. For me, I get really cold and it takes a lot to warm up.

One blessing is: I recently bought what is called a “shaper”. I actually only wearing it for compression (but if it helps to fit into a different pair of jeans, I am all for that too). Compression helps the blood not to pool to the bottom of my feet when I stand up, which means I get less NCS symptoms when I stand by wearing compression socks, etc. One blessing of this compression “suit” is that when I went out early one morning last week, I wasn’t absolutely freezing the moment I left the house. I could make it from the house to car without freezing in the process. It kept me warm. It makes it worth the extra exhaustion. It helps in the end.

It is only 41 degrees so far this morning. I know much more have it much colder. Thankful it isn’t any colder here. Also thankful that I should be able to bundle up enough to keep me from getting too cold today. I just hope the cold doesn’t mean any more symptoms than I am already carrying this morning.

This quote on Dysautonomia is pretty helpful for understanding this struggle.

“Recognizing that probability of heat and cold intolerance and the
potential consequences (often fatigue or pain) makes it important for patients
and families to use good planning when going outdoors, getting into a hot car,
swimming or bathing, etc.”
If you have an intolerance to cold, how do you plan ahead before heading outdoors?
Have a blessed Sunday! <3

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