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1/2/15 – Huge Feat

Posted January 2, 2015

I have been pretty exhausted today, but for good reason: I probably overdid it. Just trying to do a little bit of work in the kitchen. One of my goals was to get caught up on dishes. I am making good progress. It just means lots of rest. I had to share tonight’s blessing:

I am just so thankful.
Tonight, I was able to charge my ipod. For past few months, I haven’t really gotten to use it much – due to charging issues. Not only did I get to charge and listen to my ipod some, I also got to go out in the cold for a small walk. Coming back inside, I am not super cold like I normally am – my body cooled down pretty quickly. My face didn’t flare up bad. Or anything. It was just such a blessing to go and not feel like I will pay for it in any big way.

Walking while listening to music is just something I have really enjoyed – and I am so glad I could just go out for ten minutes and enjoy myself – walking and listening to music. Such a huge blessing! God is good! He continues to use small things like my ipod charging and being able to stand to go walk – to really just remind me of His Presence! He is still working, and hasn’t given up on me.

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