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1/18/15 – Getting A Break <3

Posted on January 18, 2015

I am enjoying a little bit of rest from the craziness of health issues. They actually haven’t been too bad. Actually getting a break, which is…. AMAZING! I am so thankful to God for all the things I have been able to accomplish. I am so thankful that my spirit feels lifted up and encouraged, not downcast. I am thankful that though it felt like depression was coming my way, its little episode is gone as of right now

I wanted to share this song with you all. “Giants Fall” by Francesca Battistelli

With God by my side, the giants do fall. God does work in the middle of what seems like chaos. Lately, I have been able to pursue doing more – and not settling. I just feel a renewed sense of wanting to keep fighting. Awesome, right?!? <3 I am just loving it and feeling so encouraged. And the next time I feel discouraged, I can pull out this post and song – and be reminded of what God is doing here. I am not saying “I have arrived”, because I have a new scary symptom, but I am enjoying a bit of doing much more than usual and limited weakness. The new symptom? If I overdo it and don’t stop when it’s only a stomach ache, I kind of… start gasping for air and have trouble breathing. At least today, I stopped to restbefore the difficulty breathing began. Another praise report. God is good. He is teaching me. He is protecting me.

“Don’t you be afraid
Of giants in your way
With God you know that anything’s possible
So step into the fight
He’s right there by your side
The stones inside your hand might be too small
But watch the giants fall”

By Gracefully Overcoming

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