Day: January 21, 2015

  • Ready When Injustice Prevails

    Ready When Injustice Prevails Injustices will happen that boil our blood. What kinds of injustices do we see and leaves a heavy effect on our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves? Is it the neglected? The broken? The beaten? Whatever it is, we need to remember God sees the injustices in our world. He sees that this […]


  • Announcement: Future Posts

    Just a head’s up: I have uploaded two sets of sermon notes. They are in PDF form, but visible on the website. If on a tablet, you may have to download it – in order to view it. The future, longer posts will likely be in PDF form (and with those there is no notification). […]

  • Trusting My Training

    I am learning to trust my training. Not in the way others might. Trusting God is the foundation. God equips us for the good work He wants us to do. Whenever God calls us , He will equip us. We don’t have to entertain those thoughts about if we should be doing something. If God has opened the […]