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“In This House, We Will Giggle”

In This House, We Will Giggle is a new book by popular blogger, Courtney DeFeo. In this book, DeFeo explores how she can have the house and family life that she longs for: instilling values and Christ centered living, while giggling along the way. In each chapter of her book, she explores one specific virtue and shares activities that have helped her and her husband instill that virtue into their young daughters. Her suggestion is to focus on one virtue per month. Alongside each chapter on a specific virtue, she includes a section for how we can instill that virtue into our family. It can help us in finding answers for questions such as these:

  1. What kind of questions can we ask?
  2. What is one Scripture we can focus on this month?
  3. What kind of activities can help me teach my children about the Fruit of the Spirit and God’s love?
  4. How can I make it fun?

With 12 virtues, we can take the opportunity to invest in our children’s lives – helping them experience and grow in this specific virtue. Say for January the focus is on love. We can take the time to focus solely on instilling into our children – how to love and about the infinity of God’s love for us as His creation. As we focus on one principle per month, we can go deeper than the surface level we might otherwise “be stuck” with (hold onto that thought for a second).

For me, this book will help parents and families to focus on one small piece of what we want to instill in our (or someone else’s) kids through our interaction with them. Instead of being overwhelmed and stressed by the entire puzzle of what we hope (and need) to instill in our kids, we can focus on one key section at a time. God can use this book for His glory, and give us answers to the questions we have been asking.

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