The Outcast

The Outcast: Genealogy of Jesus (Joseph’s Side)

God loves the outcast. When in today’s society, we may neglect or overlook the outcast – God doesn’t. God loves us, cares, protects, and provides for us. In Matthew 1, we learn what kind of folks Jesus’ heritage came from. To be honest, his earthly relatives didn’t have it all together. Some had a life slightly more messy than those next to them, but God loved them beautifully. God gently and lovingly placed His righteous hand on their lives, and chose to make Himself known to His people.

These aren’t only names. They represent a story: someone’s life story. Their life story recorded, reminds us that we don’t have to have it all together when we come to God. These outcasts are only a few of Jesus’ earthly relatives:

  • Jacob:  He fits the profile, in a different way. Good family. He may have had earthly riches, but he had one mistake that put him on the run: he stole his brother’s birth right – his blessing. Jacob had to flee, in order to be spared. Yet somehow, God used all of this to be glorified. (See Genesis 25:29-34, 27:19)
  • Tamar: A woman of mistakes and heartache. She wanted what most women today want: a family. Yet, her way of going about it was less than admirable. How far would she go to bear a child? When her husband and his brother died, she was promised a husband by her father-in-law – only he never intended to keep his promise. Eventually she disguised herself as a prostitute and ended up pregnant with twins. Their father? her father-in-law. (See Genesis 38)
  • Rahab: She was a prostitute. She wasn’t an ordinary prostitute. She had heard of God’s mighty works. His work in her life, begun. She believed God and protected His people. Her faith, now on display.Though a prostitute, she is counted in the “Faith Hall of Fame” (see Joshua 2; Hebrews 11:31)

Circumstances in our lives don’t need to detour us from seeking God’s face. While in this life we may be seen as outcasts, we are seen as much more valuable in the eyes of our Lord and Creator.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Do you realize how much value God has for you? (See Matthew 10:31)
  2. How have you allowed fear or your “outcast” status keep you from deepening your faith in God through placing your trust in His Son Jesus Christ?

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