Chronological Bible Study

God and His Creation

{On Genesis 1-3}

God created everything. By His divine power, He turned everything from formless and empty to full and filled with beauty. God’s Spirit hoovering, shows God’s pursuit of us. It is only the beginning. To this day, He continues to pursue us – His precious creation! God’s pursuit of creation and us is deliberate and purposeful. He went out of His way to pursue us, and He still does.

  • “God saw it as good”. Even after sharing His creation with us – we are seen as good also. Do we see ourselves the way God does?
  • God is our provider! Then and now. He is our provider! He makes sure that we lack absolutely nothing.

Genesis 2:27-28a reveals we were made in God’s image when He created us, and calls us to enjoy the earth and be fruitful.

How are we bearing fruit, while here?

We need our faith community and rest, in order to bear fruit. We need to take note of danger we can face in situations (alone, etc).

  • Adam and Eve’s disobedience against God meant the fall {away from God}. The danger would not only impede upon them, but all their descendents. They didn’t realize how good they had it. They couldn’t resist the urge to mess with the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It would forever change their relationship with God, each other, others, and their own self. Notice what it said in 2:25, “they were naked and unashamed.”

Thank You Father for the reminder of the danger of sin and how it can affect so much. Help us to put You first and keep You first. Help us not to neglect the One Main Thing. Keep me near to You. Thank You for pursuing me, Lord. Thank You for never stopping Your pursuit of me.

By Gracefully Overcoming

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