Setting Realistic Goals for 2015

Hearing about New Year goals are inevitable. With every approaching year, we read or hear about others’ goals that they have set for themselves. It wouldn’t be beneficial to judge others’ goals, but we can ask ourselves specific questions regarding our own “2015” goals?

  1. Are we setting goals that are realistic for where God has us at this moment?
  2. Are we setting goals that push us closer to our Father and Savior, His Word, and the Church?
  3. What are our motives for our goals?

Ideally, we wouldn’t set more than 3 goals. I started making seasonal goals this year. I am enjoying doing that. It gives me the opportunity to reevaluate my life (physically, relationally, and spiritually) more frequently than New Year resolutions would.

So if I was to set 3 goals, what kind of goals would I set? Even if I don’t know what specifically those goals are, what area would they fall into?

  • Seek God through His Word and music, etc.
  • Reach out to others, when given the opportunity to do so.
  • Write on a more consistent basis.

Those goals aren’t specific – are they? Not exactly. They give me a general direction of areas I want to enrich in my daily life. I want to be more into the Word, pray more for others, saturate myself, be reminded that God surrounds me everyday, and then there is writing. I know I want (and need) to write on a consistent basis.

By choosing to regularly evaluate these 3 areas, I can add in other areas later on that need growth also. If I focus on more these 2-3 areas, I will guarantee you that I will fail.

It occurred to me that the New Year begins in a couple hours.

“Oops” can come to mind – am I ready to do what I said I will do in 2015? My readiness depends on making realistic expectations for the New Year.

To live out our goals, our expectations have to be realistic. It keeps us from discouragement and feeling as though we have failed. What are your 2015 goals? Are they realistic?