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The Old Fashioned Way: Tyndale Review

the old fashioned wayI am thrilled to have this book, The Old Fashioned Way, in my possession. First off, I want to thank Tyndale for allowing me to have the privilege to review this book for them.

The Old Fashioned Way is a timely book, and a perfect study as we begin this New Year. It is based the movie that is due to hit theaters Valentine’s Day 2015, which also has a novel to accompany it (both titled “Old Fashioned”). The Old Fashioned Way is a devotional styled book filled with entries that will encourage believers young and old alike. You may have made many mistakes. You may have stayed on a different path than you could have. It is a book centered on God, His Son Jesus, and God’s extraordinary grace!

Through this book, we can take a look and example dating/courting traditions. We can examine them, and see how they would affect our lives. How could these traditional have potentially been in place to protect us? How harmful are the traditions our society has in place? How could we do things differently in a much more God honoring way? These are questions I can ask myself as I go through this devotion, and reflect on as I continue through this book. I am excited for this book. I hope you all will be too.

Ginger Kolbaba is not afraid to bring into discussion things that hold us back, such as: pride and other issues. She is bold and unafraid, as she floods our hearts with questions, and help us search the Scriptures as we contemplate the traditions that have been involved in relationships – both now and in the past.

Each entry features:

  • A quote at the beginning of each entry. Most quotes come from the movie, Old Fashioned, but there are other quotes throughout the pages of the book.
  • Scriptures to build us up in the Word as we think about our own hearts and dating traditions (past and present).
  • A prayer to focus on the Lord and staying right with God, as we seek His help for our lives.
  • Lastly, “Consider This” is the application section for each entry. “Consider This” is putting to use what we are learning in each entry as we seek to apply God’s Word and wisdom He can give us, to our lives.

Other sections: Within the pages of this book, there are some additions that are there to help us build and grow in what we are contemplating and learning on. For example, there is a journal section in many of the entries.

I have read a lot of dating and purity books in the past, but so far this one is the one that I wish I had when I was younger. In this book, God definitely uses Ginger to reclaim the lost art of romance and challenge us to examine the traditions in a new light as we seek His face! I have found this book to be edifying, and cannot wait to see what else I learn as I study using this book!

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