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Magnetic is about first becoming the girl that God wants for us to be. It puts aside our desire for a boyfriend, what our friends have (and what we clearly do not have), and places God at the center. In this book, Lynn uses the Fruits of the Spirit (from Galatians 5:22-23) as her focus Scripture for this book. Instead of seeking our worthiness in guys or our relationship status, we need to seek God. It trades our boyfriend-based identities for a forever identity in Christ.

Teaching young girls and those early in adulthood to find their identities in Christ is the most important message! This book relates to young girls, as it talks about high school and peer pressure. It teaches them that the choices they make today, will carry them to who they become – whether it is tomorrow or ten years from now. In this book, Lynn, teaches girls how to be gorgeous inside and out, but it has to begin with their relationship in Jesus Christ! It cannot come from a guy. Godliness produces that appeal we want to attract.

Choosing to use the Fruit of the Spirit, as the core message, is what will really reach girls, build them up through encouragement, and help them to continue to grow – in Him! Each chapter focuses on a specific fruit of the Spirit that, as Christians, we should have evident in our lives on some level. There are also quizzes in each chapter to help the girls see where they are, in that particular fruit. Using examples and others’ stories, she shares that this is what godly guys want. They want someone lost in Christ, and centered completely on Him. So as single women, we should pursue Christ so much more in our daily lives!

I was excited for this book, but it wasn’t the book for me personally. I was in independent study 4 out of 7 years between middle school and high school, which made me not understand the examples quite as much as another in her late twenty’s might have. For teens, I think this would be a wonderful book for them to read. It does get them into the Word of God. I only wish there were much more Scripture references, to allow me the chance to immerse in the Word on this topic of becoming God’s girl!

I was given a free digital copy of Magnetic by Lynn Cowell, in exchange for a honest review through the Blogging for Books program.

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