Month: December 2014

  • Why, Wait?

    Tonight, I was reminded that lent – a season of giving things up – is approach in about 2.5 months. Many can stand on a particular side of the fence on the topic of lent (in terms of supporting lent). It can be used for worshiping our Father and Savior. Or perhaps, it can be […]


  • Setting Realistic Goals for 2015

    Hearing about New Year goals are inevitable. With every approaching year, we read or hear about others’ goals that they have set for themselves. It wouldn’t be beneficial to judge others’ goals, but we can ask ourselves specific questions regarding our own “2015” goals? Are we setting goals that are realistic for where God has […]

  • No-Bake Cookies (And, they are nut-free!)

    No Bake Cookies 2 Tablespoons of Earth Balance Butter 1/2 Cup of Sugar 1/4 Cup of Whole Milk (see note) 1.5 Tablespoons of Unsweetened Cocoa 1.5 Cups of Quick Oats 1/4 Cup of Sunflower Seed Butter Dash of salt Splash of Vanilla Extract In a medium sauce-pan, place the milk, cocoa, sugar, and butter in […]

  • The Outcast: Jesus’ Decision

    The mental state of not measuring up can be consuming at times. The world we live in reminds us daily that we don’t measure up, can tell us the various ways we don’t measure up, and even remind us that we never really will. Today, it seemed fitting to be reminded that Jesus didn’t measure […]

  • Announcement: Chronic Illness Journal

    Just a little service announcement: I have made a new section to be added to my blog. If anyone suffers from chronic illness or enjoys learning from the outsider perspective (for the brave ones that aren’t scared easily by others’ health issues), it is called Gracefully Overcoming Health Updates. ** Please note the link above […]