One Recipe- Three Different Cupcakes

wpid-wp-1416254533533.jpegI need to bake more. Now, is that time: to bake more.

Today’s recipe of choice is by How Sweet It Is. I just came across their “one bowl vanilla cupcakes for two” recipe. I made some adjustments. But hopefully I can try it again as is, another day.

My Adjustments- I added much more flour than they did. Just because. I wanted it to stretch a little further with as much sugar as is involved. My body doesn’t react too well to extra sugar, so I often have to readjust recipes I come across. With my adding in more flour, I was able to make three cupcakes. With adding in more flour, I added in some additional milk. Just enough to help it keep the same consistency before I added extra flour.

The Result- Three cupcakes. The vanilla cupcake recipe served as a base for it. I just followed it up, by adding extra ingredients to two of the cupcakes. So with one recipe, I got to make three varieties of cupcakes.

Chocolate Chip
The last one has more originality attached to it than the usual flavors (vanilla, chocolate chip, etc). I went ahead and saved this one for something I wanted to try. A week or so ago I saw a recipe for Fruity Pebbles cupcakes using a vanilla cake mix. Didn’t want to use an entire box of gluten free yellow cake mix, and it end up being wasted. So, this was just the perfect opportunity to give it a try. The third one just has Fruity Pebbles added to it.

Give this recipe a try.
It was a fun little experiment.
I only have tried one of the three cupcakes.
The Chocolate Chip cupcake wasn’t bad.
Will try the others over the next few days.



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  1. You have such self discipline, not to eat all three! I like the comical way the writer of the recipe expressed her reasoning for making them this way :)

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