Journey of Jesus

Journey to Jesus curriculumWe all probably know someone of the Muslim faith. We are more aware that others have a different faith than the one we have: our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. What if we built these relationships, to glorify God and help others know more about Jesus the Christ? I received a free copy of this DVD curriculum by Tyndale, and I want to share it with all of you.

Journey to Jesus is a DVD curriculum that is geared toward equipping the Church to minister to nonbelievers—specifically Muslims. This resource’s purpose is to help us. It helps us to know how to better interact with our Muslim classmates, coworkers, and neighbors. It helps us to understand how we can reach a place of interacting with them, in an impactful way. In this DVD set, we can experience how others have interacted with Muslims in their specific situations and we can learn from them.

In this resource, there are 6 sessions of growing and learning. In each session, there is a video clip and teaching slide show. Both are used to equip us as believers, to know how to “give an answer to all who ask the reason for our hope” (1 Peter 3:15). I like the format that the curriculum offers. There is first a video clip, followed by the lesson of being taught. We are taken through our attitudes toward those of different faiths, understanding Muslim beliefs and culture, and  understanding how we can share our faith with devout Muslims.

What if we set witnessing and relationship building to a higher level of priority? God has placed us right where we are, for a reason. We can be a light for Jesus right where we are, and use our relationships to help others come to know the Lord Jesus. Evaneglizing may be a bit out of our comfort zones, but most things are out of our comfort zones. Those things, generally, are the most worthwhile. Aren’t they? We can take a step or two of faith, build relationships, and be His witnesses that impact those who come from different faiths.

I think Journey to Jesus has arrived at the appropriate hour. We need to know how to witness to our Muslim neighbors. We need to have resources such as these, to equip us. This teaching will aid us in our efforts to try and shine our light for the Lord, in our communities as we interact with those who we see as different from us. God will be glorified in each aspect of it from being taught to go out to build relationships. I hope this curriculum will touch lives, and change others. I hope it will impact the world, so that many will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.