The Gift of Self-Control

lysaI am coming to realize my need for self-control. It keeps me from flying off the handle at anyone and everyone. I am noticing it is a daily thing that spares me from unnecessary situations and consequences that I desperately want to avoid.

Self-control.  Just like God’s grace, it is something God uses to hold me together—even in my most broken of places.

Life in general can make us lash out even at those we love. Sometimes, we may even feel like they somehow deserve it. It doesn’t make our actions any less important. It doesn’t even excuse what we do. We are still just as accountable to God, than if it just randomly happened with absolutely no trigger.

What are our triggers that make us lack self-control?
Can you list two to three triggers?

Think of your last few days. It doesn’t take too long to
recall of an instance where you almost forgot about the gift that God
through His Holy Spirit has given you—self-control.

Can’t think of anything?
Wait until you finish reading this post, and
life comes at you in a matter of minutes.

Take note of those triggers. If you are anything like me, you have many triggers. Not feeling well, emotionally overwhelmed, bad news, what I like to refer to as an introvert crisis, and  much more.

Even though we may almost fly off the handle, we can choose differently. It is because of God and His rich grace, that we can make different choices. It’s by His grace (not ours) that we are saved. We will have our days filled with flaws, where we will say and do things we shouldn’t. It doesn’t excuse those moments, but God’s grace is so rich. We can come boldly to the throne of God and ask for His forgiveness. Right there, we are forgiven.

I can choose to use that gift from God through His Holy Spirit to help me make wiser decisions. It is in these wiser decision-making moments, that I can share God’s grace and aim to be a light to a darkened world.

As I contemplate what I could possibly share from my awareness of God’s gift of self-control in my life, God’s grace is brightly shining in my face as I look past my yesterday’s and look onward toward tomorrow. In God’s rich mercies, I am given so much. Not only am I given much, I can also pass that on and share much. I can choose to listen to others when they interrupt my quiet world. I can choose to pray for someone, instead of screaming my lungs out at them (it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for). I can choose to give love through my actions, versus going through the motions. I can take a step back, so I may offer encouragement—even when I feel like my needs are ignored. I can choose to offer my gifts or time to others, rather than keep them to myself.



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    Self control…
    I needed this right now!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! <3

    1. Blog of an Overcomer Avatar

      God bless you, my friend! I am so glad God used it to speak to you! He is so Awesome to give us the Word, at the exact moment we need it. Thanks for commenting. :)

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