Awkward but Divine Appointments

matthew1128I am weary.
I am broken.
I am socially awkward.
I take more demands than I ought to.
I often people-please.

We come to the Lord with this list of what we are. God sees all that we are, and He pours His love over us! We come weary, broken, tired, overloaded, and just wondering what we are supposed to do. We come with both hands jam packed full of yes’ decisions that we have given to people, where we are “needed”. While there are many needs in our world, not every need means we have to come to the rescue. We are not Jesus. While we are called to be His hands and feet, we cannot afford (emotionally, physically, relationally, etc) to be overburdened. When we are overburdened, our sense of peace begins to be depleted.

I think this is a big point that is to be made. We come with both hands jam packed with things we have said yes to. We have tried and tried to people please, but all we have done is exhaust ourselves. When both hands are packed full, where is our room for God, our family, our relationship with Jesus Christ, our time for the things that God wants us to do?!?

We can’t please everyone. Just as we choose between God and money (see Matthew 6:24), we must also choose between pleasing God and pleasing others. If we say yes to all these other appointments, we don’t have anything left to give when God is calling us toward an opportunity to glorify Him and love others…

We cannot please everyone.
It is impossible to please everyone.

While it may be impossible to please everyone, we sure do try. We try and try. We sacrifice our attitude of love, and so many other things… just, to attempt to do for others. We don’t even realize what it does to us. We don’t even realize that it is making us crazy!

Is it worth going crazy over?
Is people pleasing worth the emotional debt we place ourselves in?

In all of our people pleasing, I think we expect that things will go smoothly when God invites us to an appointment. The true divine appointments aren’t always so neat and tidy. They require faith to continue to walk toward those appointments. Lysa discusses how she had to walk an uncomfortable and awkward road, to a God-given appointment. We can’t let the awkwardness stop us.

The awkwardness has something beautiful going on underneath the surface. God creates beauty. He gives us His Awesome peace. This Scripture talks about going to God with our burdens. It doesn’t mean saying “yes” to every decision we need to make. It means coming to God and trusting Him for His rest. It means knowing we aren’t super woman or the Messiah, and just relying upon the Lord!

“For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ. (Galatians 1:10)”