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Bright Stars

phil 15Yesterday, I got the opportunity to just write out my thoughts on sharing the love of Christ through my actions, and what to do when it doesn’t happen as it should.

Truth is: I fail. I fail at showing His love. Though I may fail, I need to remember the bigger picture. It is about much more than my attitude, heart, and actions. Those things are important, but I have to remember how my attitude impacts the world around me.

“If we want to know what to do when it matters most, we’ve got to be committed to showing up to practice.” -Lysa Terkeurst

In order to cultivate an attitude of showing Christ’s love, we must practice. We must take up this exercise daily of learning to show His love no matter what we may face in our day or life. It is repenting daily for the ways of failing Him, and praising Him when He helps us show His love.

In order to love, I must consider my best yes opportunities and lay down the decisions that are not my best yes. I must count the cost of my decisions if I want to make “best yes” kind of decisions. I take up many activities that I should decline, or leave available for others. I know, many of us do. “If I don’t do it, who will?” In order to do things with the love of Christ as my motivation, I must learn to lay down those decisions that are not my best yes moments.

So, what is at stake? Philippians 2:15 teach us the importance of our best yes decisions and having an attitude of love.

  • We are showing ourselves as pure and innocent. Uncontaminated by the things of this world James 1:27 talks about being uncontaminated from the world.

    When we are seeking this kind of lifestyle, we will pursue showing the love of Christ when it means putting aside our feelings, to do the will of God.

    It will also mean saying “no”, when we sense that is something God is instructing us to do. It means showing an attitude of love, and willingly being His Witness!

  • As we pursue a lifestyle of love, we prove that we are children of God. It is only by God’s grace that we are saved and called His own! But as we celebrate our new life in Him, we pursue a lifestyle where:

→ We are putting God first

→ Seeking to repent of all wrong. We want to get and stay right with God!

→ Pursue a life that glorifies Him. We need to put away the things that don’t glorify God and in fact hurt our relationship with Him. This is why it is so important to consider our ways, and stay untainted from this wicked world.

Remaining steadfast in our resolution to not grumble or complain plays a key part in trusting God and His direction for our lives.

We need to consider His ways, desire to please Him, and walk likewise in His ways. The Bible teaches us how we can please God.

Among the world, we can be seen as bright stars shining for His purpose and glory!

By Gracefully Overcoming

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