Enjoy the Hard Times

One thing about having a chronic illness is the fear that the good day (or moment) of little to no symptoms will soon end. I mean after all, good things must end at some point… Right? My nemesis is generalized weakness. I get weak. I mean I literally just have to stand, and symptoms come on.

I have a new friend today. It “came” to the rescue. G2 (low calorie/sugar Gatorade) is my new friend. God totally provided for me today! It is wonderful. It’s amazing how much better the human body can feel when it is properly hydrated and given sodium and potassium.

It is just wonderful.

While in my down time, I was trying to just focus on the fact that God has compassion on the weak. The Bible has much to say to us, no matter what we are facing.

We have to hold onto the hope we have in Christ Jesus. We have to hold onto Him. He knows what we will be facing later today, tomorrow, and 20 years from now (if we are still roaming the earth). The fear of becoming weak again is very real! I know I am not the only one who battles it. But, I guess all we can do is: prepare for the bad days, enjoy the good, and celebrate wherever God has placed us. In the book of James, we are taught to enjoy the trials we face.

Did James actually use the word “enjoy”? Not exactly, he told us to consider it pure joy. We should refer to our suffering with pure joy. That can be very difficult in the midst of a trial… But, we need to celebrate that God is doing something wonderful in the midst of the pain and suffering that we are facing. The suffering is all we can see, but there is so much more going on. God will give us the wisdom during the hard times, just as He will the good times. The question is: Are we seeking His wisdom?

When I had my bout of bad weakness today, my focus wasn’t on the Scriptures. When I get symptomatic, that’s not exactly where my focus goes. My focus tends to go on what I am facing. By the grace of God when I crawled into bed during this weakness episode, I went to His Word. I listened to James 1 on my ipod. If nothing else was accomplished today, that is big. To put myself in a position to hear the Word of God. It is one of the best decisions I could have made in a time of struggle between my flesh and spirit.

During hard times, how do we enjoy what God is teaching us? For me, I know I need to be more inviting to seek God during those hard times and trust that He is working everything out- even when I don’t see it. Clinging to Him, because that is when I need Him the most!