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Stress Paralyzed

Yesterday, I finally saw Mom’s Night Out. I am not a mom. But, even I can relate to the stuff in this movie. Even though I am not a mom, I can stay crazy stressed. Right now, I am going through a lot of stress in one particular area- just in trying to get the cause of some health issues figured out. No need in going any deeper in the discussion of that, but chronic illness can be really quite stressful. That is all without the doctors and tests and insurance and all those good stuff that make life so…cringing out of dread.

I only have a few options of how to handle this thing called ‘stress’ before something happens: (A) Stress sends me into a flare of body weakness and inability to stand- then my face pain joins the “party” (B) Emotional breakdown (because they happen). (C) Some kind of God-appointed glorious breakthrough. Personally, I am aiming for a breakthrough. I already had the emotional breakdown late last week. In order to break through and not breakdown, I must first consider ways to de-stress.  I need ways to de-stress and focus on eternity while coping with my new reality: this reality of being sick, worn down, and broken but somehow by God’s awesome grace not yet destroyed.

During the movie, the main character faces not looking like the epitome of a mother. She doesn’t look like them. She does not dress like them. If not careful, I can find myself there- just not in the mother category. Maybe for me it’s someone who has health issues like I do, but they can do-it-all and look great doing it. What I must remember now, is God has me right where He wants me. I am doing what God wants me to be doing. I don’t have to be like others. Because of God on my side and His son Jesus, I am not a failure just because my life is different. Am I stressed right now? Uhh, yeah! Is the stress gonna change overnight? Probably not. Each day has its own struggles of it’s own. What I must remember is:

God. Is. Working.
Even. If. I. Don’t. See. It.

To you, oh reader, hang in there! Whatever you are facing, just hang in there. Talk to the Lord God Almighty. Get into the Word (The Bible). He knows what’s going on. We don’t see the behind the scenes stuff, and we need to remember that. Do whatever you have to, in order to cry out to Him and be alone with Jesus today. He is there. He is listening. He goes before us.

While on “Mom’s Night Out” get a night away from what stresses them, someone with chronic pain cannot exactly do that. We can make each other’s lives more easy by being there for them (those who face chronic illness). Even if we don’t understand. We can be there for each other. Begin asking how we can help one another. Let them know you are praying for them. Do little things to make their day easier. Showing them you care, all the while.

See “Mom’s Night Out” today! <3

By Gracefully Overcoming

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Thank goodness God is behind the scenes and can see the big picture! I would go crazy if I didn’t know that. Life gets hard and its hard to keep going. I totally agree with what you said though. Prayer and reading the scriptures helps me more than anything else. He is definitely listening when we pray and I have found many answers as I read the scriptures.

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